Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides Services: a simple way of finding your true love

Probably, you have already heard about mail order brides services but the information you’ve got was not enough to have a clear idea of what advantages do these services have. Also, you apparently have such questions as “Is it legal?”, “Where to meet mail order brides?”, “How much it will cost?” etc. Luckily enough, we have gathered all the important information in this article - read on and your questions will be answered. But first, let us remind you briefly what is mail order bride service and how to use it properly.

Legit mail order bride services: brief review and usage guidelines

Mail order bride service used to be a company who distributed a catalogue with beautiful young women who were looking for foreign husbands. Nowadays, thanks to the development of digital technologies, the service is provided online via dating agencies. It means that today you are not supposed to travel to some country where you might find your future foreign bride, you can do a preliminary search on your computer or smartphone!

Dating agencies are digital platforms that serve as an intermediary between men and women whose common goal is to find a soulmate. There are two types of these platforms: websites and application. Very often, a company that operates in dating business offers both a webpage and an application. The platforms themselves have no value at all. The thing that really matters is an internal database with profiles of single women who are willing to marry a foreigner - a digital catalogue if you wish. In order to get access to the database, you have to create an account which subsequently requires providing some personal information (name, age, education, work, photos etc). The registration is basically free; however, clients are supposed to pay for a monthly membership (the cost varies in different agencies).

So, online dating agencies provide a list of international brides and by paying the membership a man gets access to it. What is the next stage? Of course, you cannot choose a woman that you liked and she will be delivered to you within the shortest delay - it does not work like this. Dating agencies dispose of some communication tools in order to help you to get acquaintance remotely and understand whether the interlocutor is really the right person to have a relationship with. By tools, we mean online chats, messaging systems, video calls etc. In other words, dating agencies are like social networks for those who are looking for foreign men and women for marriage.

There are a lot of companies on the internet who offer mail order bride services, so take some time to analyse those companies in order to decide which one fits better your expectations. Take it seriously - the efficiency of your dating experience depends on your choice. Some criteria to take into consideration: mail order bride pricing (cheap or expensive websites), privacy policy, targeted regions (some companies work exclusively with brides from Asian countries, Latin countries etc), reliability (read some reviews and comments).


How do mail order bride services work

In order to use all the possibilities mail order bride services offer you need to understand clearly how do they operate. In this paragraph, we are going to give you a detailed insight into the functioning of these companies.

As we have already mentioned, international dating agencies are some kind of a third-party partner between men who want to find a bride abroad and women who are looking for a foreign husband. A respectful and reliable company has an official website (translated in a few languages), an application downloadable on Play Market or Apple Store, a page on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or a YouTube channel, and one or several offices (depends on the company size).

Women who are interested in dating foreigners create an account on the official site/app or come directly to the office. In their profile, they indicate all required personal information, publish photos and after a data verification, their accounts become active. Men who are looking for internet brides undergo the same process. Then, men and women can see profiles of one another and start communication. Some dating agencies use special algorithms to match users who have much in common.

Normally, both men and women can initiate a dialogue, but it depends on the website. It is preferable to start from messaging in order to get acquaintance and at the same time keep a certain distance. Users can do it via online chats or internal messaging systems. There are two issues related to this stage of the relationship: one financial and one linguistic. Some dating companies give access to messaging tools for free, others require a fee to be paid per message or whatever. Additionally, you or your hot bride might have some language problems. In order to make your communication go smoothly, some dating agencies provide translation services online for its clients.

Of course, you can communicate with several mail order brides to boost your chances of finding true love. Consequently, the next stage of an online relationship will be to choose girls for marriage you liked the most and make a video call. If your lady speaks English well (generally, mail order brides can express themselves normally in English), then you won’t need help from the agency. In case she prefers to engage a translator, the agency will arrange everything.

Finally, if you find the woman you would like to marry and she is interested in you, the next logical stage will be to organize the first rendezvous. Do not rush and do not book a trip until you know for sure that the girl really wants to create a family and sees in your her future husband. Of course, it is quite a difficult task, especially if you have never met otherwise than online, but nevertheless, it is feasible. Your dating agency should take care of everything and support you while you are abroad. Take your time to discover your mail order wives, be relaxed and self-confident - if the woman accepted your invitation, it means that she is interested in the relationship. By the way, the agency can organize several rendezvous for you - it is always better to have a choice, isn’t it?

Main advantages of using mail order brides platforms

So, now you have a better idea of what mail order brides services are and how to use them efficiently. However, which are the advantages of using these websites? Let’s take a look at them.

  • the whole process is under your control. You choose women, you send messages, you decide when and who to call, you choose the nationality/age/education of online brides etc. In real life, you never know whether a person you are dating really fits you. Dating agencies provide you with wonderful online tools that help to understand a woman before even meeting her. It’s innovative and quite efficient!;
  • mail order brides take the whole relationship seriously. In real life, your partner might have different motivation to be with you: money, security, “until I find better” approach etc. Women often play with men, flirt without having serious intentions. Maybe, you have already met these women and that’s one of the reasons you are looking for a wife abroad. Mail order brides want to find a husband and create a family, they take everything seriously and have no interest in playing with you;
  • mail order brides companies provide 24/7 support. You can always report a problem to a customer support department and it will be solved instantly. Dating agency will help you with a tourist visa (in case you need one), it will provide help with all the paperwork in case you and your online bride decide to marry. A dating agency is a reliable partner in your amorous adventures;
  • security. International and European mail order brides services ensure high-level data protection. Be sure that your personal information will be encrypted and protected from the hackers;
  • amazing diversity. Thanks to the dating agencies, you can search for girls in any country in the world! The Asian states, post-Soviet countries, Latin America, Oceania - the sky is the only limit!;
  • no engagements. You do not have to sign any documents (except for accepting privacy policy), at any moment you can quit and there will be no consequences. Dating agencies give you total freedom. However, it does not mean that you can take advantage of it - use the service responsibly and you will get what you are looking for.

Want to try mail order brides services? Here are some facts to know

Well done, it is a good decision to try online dating in order to find love of your life. However, you should use it wisely. Here are some facts that might come in handy or just interesting for you.

  1. low divorce rate. According to the official statistics of USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), the divorce rate of marriages arranged with the help of online dating agencies is lower than the average divorce rate in the country. 80% of these marriages were successful, in other words, they lasted over the years;
  2. mail order brides phenomenon appeared a long time ago. A lot of people think that research of a soulmate remotely became available only with the advent of digital technologies. However, it is false: the sociologists claim that this phenomenon appeared in the 19th century in the US when single men started to go West in hope to find gold. They were writing letters to beautiful single women to attract their attention to “future rich men”;
  3. the majority of mail order brides come from these countries: China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Columbia, Japan, South Korea, India;
  4. in some of the countries women are looking for marriage abroad because the human sex ratio is unbalanced and the amount of women exceeds the number of men;
  5. duration of the relationship period that precedes the marriage is very different: in some cases, a man marries his mail order bride after a few weeks since they have met. In other cases, it takes a year or even more to finally understand that it is the right person to be with. In any case - it is always better to think twice before making the final decision;
  6. it is a common and false perception of mail order brides services as swindlers who sell brides. In reality, the brides make their profiles public voluntarily. They can choose what nationalities they are interested in, age group etc. Thus, mail order brides services are just intermediaries between single men and women who want to find their soulmates;
  7. according to the couples who used online dating services, during their married life they struggled because of the cultural differences. However, they say, these struggles made their relationship stronger over the years.

How does it cost to find a mail order bride

As we have already mentioned in this article, mail order brides services are generally fee-based. You can create an account absolutely for free, but in order to get the best out of dating agencies, you need to pay for the additional services. What types of additional services are there? Let’s find out.

Agency fees

Generally, they take the form of monthly/yearly memberships. The prices vary from company to company but they are not very high: from 10 to 50 dollars. Also, dating agencies can have a system of tokens where you buy tokens and then use them to contact women through online chats and messaging tools. You will need to pay additionally if you want to send flowers/letters/package to a woman.

Translation fees

Sometimes, young brides cannot keep up a conversation in English due to language barriers. In these cases, translators will help them to express properly their thoughts and feelings. If a man travels to his bride’s native country, he also needs a translator who can make staying more comfortable and give some tips on the best restaurants, most romantic places etc. Translators are the locals so they are paid on local wages which are significantly lower than those in the United States. However, be ready to spend from 10 to 20 dollars hourly on a translator.

Travel fees

Traveling is always expensive, even to developing countries. Here, you have two options: whether you organize everything by yourself or outsource it to the dating agency. Both of these options have their advantages. If you decide to arrange everything by yourself, you’ll probably pay less because agency fees will not be included in the price. However, if you are not an experienced traveller, cannot speak the local language and are not familiar with local realia, you risk to be scammed. In order to avoid it, you’d better let the dating agency arrange your trip.

Travel fees depend largely on the country where you are heading. If it is one of the post-Soviet states, the trip will not be very expensive. To the contrary, Japan and South Korea are much more expensive. The price depends also on a trip length and your lifestyle (is it okay for you to cook food/eat at McDonald’s or you prefer restaurants/Starbucks - you’ve got the idea).

In addition, do not forget about wedding ceremony fees, visa fees, transport fees etc. To sum up, your mail order bride will cost you from 5000 to 20000 dollars.


  1. How can I find mail order brides? In fact, it is not difficult at all to find a mail order bride. First of all, you have to find a reliable online dating agency. There are a lot of reviews, articles and comments on the internet that will guide you. Pay special attention to the company’s website, pages on social networks, available payment methods etc. Then, you only need to create an account, fill in required personal information, download photos and pay for the membership. After that, you can write to any woman you want or receive messages from girls who are not afraid of making the first step. The agency helps you to find a woman who matches you the best by providing special matching algorithms and up-to-date web tools. Thanks to mail order brides services, it has become so easy to find a woman of your dreams remotely. If you have a bad experience of dating women in your country - then try it out and surely you won’t be disappointed;
  2. How can I order a mail order bride? First of all, we would like to specify that mail order brides are not goods for sale, you cannot order them in a carton box like pizza. You do not pay for your bride - you pay for the services dating agencies as intermediaries offer to you both. Moreover, the success of your relationship depends on mutual feelings, respect and trust. So, in order to get a mail order bride, you must pass through a dating agency, get in touch with several women who sparked your interest, meet some of them and choose the one who shares your ideas, life plans, values. It is a process that can take up to a few years before you can actually call her your wife. We do not recommend you to deal with the marriage as quickly as possible - your family harmony is on the line, do not forget about it. Only when both of you decide that you know each other good enough to create a family you can ask your agency to arrange all the documents needed for the marriage and removal.
  3. Where can I get mail order brides? There are dozens of internet dating agencies who provide databases with profiles of single women. In terms of geography, the choice is very large: Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, India), post-Soviet states (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), Latin countries (Brazil, Argentina, Cuba), along with Jamaica, Indonesia etc. There are dating agencies who work internationally and those who are specialized in one region. Either way, their official websites and applications are translated into English and some other largely used languages (French, Spanish, Chinese etc). You need to choose countries, nationalities you are interested in and then find a platform that fits the most to your requirements. All of the mail order brides are family-oriented, serious and responsible - it’s up to you to decide what you want;
  4. Is it legal to get a mail order wife? All men who have never tried dating online ask this question. The answer is concise and clear: it is totally legal in the United States and in the countries where the brides are from. As proves, you can read the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (signed by President George W. Bush on January 6, 2006) and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act (voted in Congress in 1996) that ensure the rights of brides at their arrival at the United States. The specialists claim that this act addresses mail order brides services specifically. As you see, the US lawmakers are more concerned about the rights of newly arrived brides than about banning the international dating industry. So, your search of a woman for marriage is totally legal unless you respect the person and do not abuse her.

We hope that you found the article useful. Good luck!